The 15,000 square meters manufacturing plant is situated in the Second Industrial Area in Riyadh. It is one of the very few in the Middle East to utilize a “Natural Fermentation Process” to produce vinegar, with its first production batch of Natural Sugar Cane Vinegar in 2000. Production of Hot Sauce, Ketchup, and Pizza Sauce shortly followed in early 2001. The factory’s latest edition of product range is Mayonnaise in both high and low fat varieties and a range of salad dressings.


The factory is designed to produce a wide range of Natural Vinegar based products. In addition to the existing products and brands it also produces private label brands to key clients. The factory continues to invest in product development to extend its product range that fits with its core production strategy.


Staffed with over 150 engineers, technicians, and skilled labor force the factory employs highest laboratory and quality control procedures to ensure a continuous flow of products using the highest quality of ingredients. Health and hygiene are of utmost importance to the production process via state of the art laboratory facilities. These production guidelines has led AFFI to receive the prestigious ISO 22000-2005 award in 2008; witch recognizes the factory’s primary objective of quality and production control.